I shopped all over town for a title loan on my Mustang and my payment from Great Rate Title Loan was much less than I found anywhere else. I got a payment that I can afford and the time I needed to pay it back.

-Thanks for the Great Rate. Sara from Phoenix.
I was paying over $600 per month of interest only with another title loan company and was about to lose my 2007 Nissan 350Z. The Great Rate Program paid off my loan and cut my payment in half. With each payment I am now paying both principal and interest and will have no problem paying the loan off. If you need a loan, see these guys first.--Thanks for lowering my old rate into a Great Rate. Maurice
I Needed some quick cash out of my 06 Ford so stopped by the big name store on the corner and was shocked at their interest rate of 15% per month.  I shopped around and found another that guaranteed the best rate and was still looking at 10% per month.  I Kept looking and found Interstate Lending and the Great Rate Program.  They are easy to work with, really do have the lowest rates and saved me a lot of money.--Truck Loan Jimmie